Hello all!

I’m Cara…a wife and mom of two.  I started crafting many years ago when my children were young. Back then I created items to decorate my home…think painted candle sticks, flower pots, holiday decor…all that good stuff! As my children grew, I turned to scrapbooking. This quickly evolved into card-making, altered art, mixed media, jewelry making…you name it. I love trying new things.

As I tried various crafty techniques and supplies one thing was constant. My love of what I call “school supplies.” I was probably more excited about school supply lists than my kids. New pens, paper…what’s better than that?

It probably comes as no surprise that I think one of the best things in life is to put pen to paper and write. I really don’t care what you write…menus, lists, stories…whatever. Picking out a pen you love and writing something down is so satisfying.

It seems natural to me that along with all of this would come a love of planners. Filofax, Erin Condren, Hobonichis…I love them all!

My children are grown now…or so they tell me. I thought it was time for a bit of a change, time to focus a little more on what I really like doing. So I created this blog to share not only what I craft but also what I “collect” and use in my life. Expect to see cards, art journaling, mixed media, planners, pens (all kinds, including my newest addiction….fountain pens) and whatever else I decide to throw in here. There will be tutorials, reviews and sharing.

This blog, like me, is a work in progress so you may see changes from time to time. I welcome your kind feedback any time you want to leave it.

If you are interested in checking out my videos you can find them on my Youtube channel AKCaraboo.

And you can find me on Instagram as akcaraboo.

Happy Crafting!

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Cara,
    Congrats on the up coming New Year! I hope what ever you do brings success. You are awesome and I have enjoyed every one of your videos.
    I found your videos very informative and so thought out. I appreciate your feelings and I think we have more in common than you know. I’m not the skinniest person either, but so what. I know you are beautiful just because of the way you do your videos. You have a gentle spirit about you and it comes across very well to others.
    Please don’t be afraid to do a face to face. If you do I will, how about that.
    People will love you because of the person you are not our size. I have found this to be true in my own life so I encourage you my friend.
    You can do this and I also can do it ……so let’s do it! 😀 wishing you the merriest of holidays and a new year filled with all the best life has to offer.
    Hugs, Maribeth


    • Thanks so much for your wonderful comments…I appreciate it more than you know. I am definitely doing that video but please don’t feel you have to do it too. If you do great but don’t feel obligated. I hope you have a fantastic holiday season!


  2. I enjoy your YouTube videos very much. Do not be afraid to appear on camera. I am 77 years old, and my hobby is cruising ( on ships, not street corners). I always get into pictures. I am who I am, and I accept it. Let us see more of you, (of course fully clothed).


  3. oMG! I think we were separated at birth or something… Except you got the execution of all things crafty gene, and I did not! But our obsessions with office supplies, planners, etc is frighteningly similar! Thankful to have found you on Pinterest!


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