Just cuz’

Do you ever buy anything just ‘cuz you like the way it looks? Even when you don’t really need it and can’t think of how you would use it? I am imagining all of you nodding your heads and here’s my response…I KNOW, me too! 😉 I stumbled across one such item last Friday. I didn’t really plan to venture out on “Black Friday” but I was getting a little bored at home and figured by one in the afternoon the crowds wouldn’t be too bad. I wanted to go to a local art store but when I got there they were closed. So I decided to head to the Barnes and Noble down the street. I thought I could pick up a crafty magazine. Unfortunately, there weren’t any that I wanted so I was just wandering around the store looking for stocking stuffers when I saw this pretty little journal. Now you may know that I am a lover of notebooks and journals and paper but I really don’t “need” any more. Trust me I have plenty.


But it’s so pretty and it’s pink! And check out the inside…


It has sewn signatures and…


…a pocket in the back! And did I mention it was pink!


Of course, price does matter…you have to draw the line somewhere right? But this little beauty was only $10.99. Sold! It now lives in my collection waiting for me to decide how to use it.

So I’m curious…what was the last thing you bought just ‘cuz?


8 thoughts on “Just cuz’

  1. Hi Cara,
    I’m such an impulse buyer on just about everything. I can’t even begin to tell you how many “crafty” items I’ve purchased with the intentions of making something fun, only to have things get lost in the craft room of doom (as I like to call it). I think a lot of it has to do with my memory, LOL! I really need to write down what I’m planning on doing…..maybe I’ll make a trip to B&N and pick up a journal too.

    I really love your you tube videos and am looking forward to following your blog. You do a great job!


  2. I bought a tree topper made by Willow Tree. We already have one but I just love Willow Tree items. It can stand on it’s own so I put it in my curio with my other Willow Tree items. Congrats on your new blog Cara! I enjoy watching your videos!


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