New Blog, New Beginnings

Hi everyone! I am sitting here, the day after Thanksgiving, trying to decide what to put in this first post. I have tons of ideas for future posts but this one just isn’t coming easily to me. It feels like the first post on a new blog should be something special…something memorable. But I got nothin’. Well maybe not nothin’. Let me start by telling you why I decided to create a new blog.

I have two children. My oldest lives in Seattle with his fiancee and my youngest moved out on her own a few weeks ago. So it’s just me and my husband at home now. We are having to figure out how to do certain things all over again. For example, I used to cook for four, then three…which really isn’t that different than four, just more leftovers. Now I cook for two…when I cook. With just two of us, it’s cheaper to eat out so we do that a bit more. Grocery shopping is different as well. We just buy what we like, we don’t have to worry about whether the kids will eat it. Cleaning the house is different too. Good news…things stay cleaner longer when you clean them. Bad news…you have to do all the cleaning. Bonus…I can now tell which messes were really made by the kids and which ones my husband just blamed on the kids. So what I am trying to say is that it’s an adjustment. Not necessarily a bad one…but it’s definitely different.

We all know when we have children that some day they will move out. Some day it will just be you and your spouse again. Trying to remember what it was like to be together before you had kids. Hoping you still have things in common, things you want to do together etc. This all leads me to why I created the new blog. I just felt with everything that was changing my blog needed a makeover…a “do over” of sorts. I still plan on sharing things I make with you but I want to include lots of other things too. Ideas for staying organized, my planners, my love of stationery, pens and maybe even a recipe occasionally. Basically a little bit of everything. And I might chat about being an “empty nester” every once in while. (FYI – I hate that label.)

So I think that’s it for now. I hope everyone had a great holiday! Thanks for stopping by!


4 thoughts on “New Blog, New Beginnings

  1. I found this to be the toughest time when two of my three left… It is still hard – the house will never be the same – my one will always be with us. I knew I was preparing them to be independent, strong, go-getters, moral, etc… but in all that preparation and teaching – I never realized I needed to prepare myself… 😦


  2. I know the feeling….. our youngest got married a year ago and now it’s just the hubby, 3 cats, 2 dogs and me. I’m really having a hard time around the holidays. We have 3 children, our girls live locally and our son married a Utah girl and now lives in Utah.

    I have a hard time decorating for the holidays now that the “little people” aren’t here. We have 3 grandchildren near us, but hardly ever see them. Two are teenagers, involved heavily in sports, and the youngest is a dancing maniac LOL!!!

    And cooking? What’s that? I’ve hated to cook since day one. My poor husband had to learn how to cook when we were first married otherwise he would have starved. 🙂 Thank goodness he’s a good sport.


  3. Congratulations on the new blog! I’m loving the great look and I’m VERY excited about all the great topics you’re going to include! We share a lot of the same interests 🙂
    It’s been just my hubby and I for the last ten years or so…not counting our revolving door, lol. Four out of our five returned at least once before making their independence permanent. I still miss them all terribly but there are some definite advantages, too, like more money for us to spend on the things WE want, lol! It takes time to adjust but we did and we love our lives now 🙂 It also seems easier to just purely enjoy our visits since we no longer have the responsibility for their day-to-day lives, if you kwim.
    Anyway, I look forward to your posts. Hope you havd a GREAT holiday season!


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